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What to Expect
When I arrive we will review the consultation.  If we have not done the consultation then we will start with that.  The sequence to the visit is typically in this order:
I will analyze the assessments and correlate the findings to your conditions so you can understand what I have found. During the next portion of the exam, we look at how your body and brain are functioning as a one or the lack of.  The whole time I will be telling you what each finding means so that you are understanding in real time what is going on.  
  • Neuromuscular Exam
    • Orthopedic exam
      • Range of motion ​
      • A battery of tests that can help identify how your bones in your spine and muscles are working or not working together
      • Strength testing of major muscle groups
    • Neurological exam
      • I will take a look at your eye movements
      • I will do a blind spot mapping to look at how your brain is perceiving where you are in time and space
      • I will do a head tilt test to exam your ability to maintain balance 
After this is done we will sit down and discuss the findings, come up with a treatment plan to meet your short and long term goals and start treatment. 


Dr. Oberle does not use one size fits all approach to adjusting the spine.

Rehabilitation concept. Collage of man w

Digital Posture 


man exercising workout on white backgrou

Digital Movement 


Chiropractor at Work

Percussion  Stretch 



Functional Rehab with Dynamic Stretching

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