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Why LtChiroCare is a Step Above The Rest

At LtChiroCare I take great pride in providing you the best possible care.  First of all, I make sure you are a good fit for LtChiroCare by doing an extensive consultation. I have turned down patients and people have chosen not to use my services because they don't feel it is a good fit.  That's what a consultation is.  It is not a manipulating sales job to get you to become a patient.  It is a fact-gathering mission to see if you and I want to join as partners to help you achieve your short term and long term health goals.  By doing a courtesy consultation either by phone or in person, we can determine together if the services I offer will be a benefit to you.  This approach allows me to;
  • listen (truly hear and make no prejudgements on how to treat your conditions)
    • when did the issues start
    • how did they start
    • how has your condition affected your way of life 
  • to know what your past treatments were if any and
         what helped and what didn't.
  • to know if any medical tests were done that pertain
         to our condition (x-ray, MRI, blood work)
  • find out what do you feel you need as far treatment for getting
  • find out are there any underlying health issues that might be affecting your current issue
  • understand your dietary and nutritional needs as they pertain to your condition as well as to your short term and long term health goals.
With all this information, we than can discuss if I can help you.  If we agree to team up and the consultation was done over the phone we will schedule an appointment.  Normally the initial exam and treatment visit takes about 2 hrs total time.  If the consultation is done during the appointment time reserve about 2 and 1/2 hours. 
What to Expect
When I arrive we will review the consultation.  If we have not done the consultation then we will start with that.  The sequence to the visit is typically in this order:
I will analyze the assessments and correlate the findings to your conditions so you can understand what I have found. During the next portion of the exam, we look at how your body and brain are functioning as a one or the lack of.  The whole time I will be telling you what each finding means so that you are understanding in real time what is going on.  
  • Neuromuscular Exam
    • Orthopedic exam
      • Range of motion ​
      • A battery of tests that can help identify how your bones in your spine and muscles are working or not working together
      • Strength testing of major muscle groups
    • Neurological exam
      • I will take a look at your eye movements
      • I will do a blind spot mapping to look at how your brain is perceiving where you are in time and space
      • I will do a head tilt test to exam your ability to maintain balance 
After this is done we will sit down and discuss the findings, come up with a treatment plan to meet your short and long term goals and start treatment. 
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